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Personal training for women
in Berlin, also online

Hi, I'm Janina!

Sports scientist, personal trainer, Coach for stress induced eating

I assist stressed businesswomen in achieving a fit and healthy body and reducing stress in their lives through a holistic approach

My holistic personal training concept for women

Do you have to perform at your best every day but feel unattractive, sluggish, and uncomfortable in your own body?

In just 4 months, I'll personally guide you, step by step, to establish new habits. I'll help align you


  • physically, mentally, and emotionally to ensure that you not only achieve your goals with joy during my guidance but also maintain them afterward.

  • I'll empower you to rediscover your self-confidence, strength, and vitality, transforming you externally into the confident and powerful leader you already are on the inside!


Your feel-good body

and boundless energy!


For whom?

women with pressure to perform,


female entrepreneurs

Private studio in



Prenzlauer Berg


(...) My urge to eat is simply gone at the moment and I haven't overeaten in a long time. (...)

Tina K.

(...) I have never had such a dedicated coach who really works with me with so much heart, humor and specialist knowledge! (...)

Mila K.

(...) I have achieved great success with the prospect of sustainability, not only through training, but also through a wide range of advice on nutrition and stress management. (...)


Your advantages:

Strength building personal training

Strength building

Beautiful shapes,

upright posture=

You feel strong

and radiate it too!

Weight loss personal training

Weight loss

because of the “natural”

following of energy balance

(less stress eating,

more in harmony with the body)

Full energy from personal trainer Pankow

Full energy

through a

holistic approach:

Exercise, nutrition, stress management

Mental support when building a sports routine

Mental support

We quit with

fear of failure

and self-esteem robbers

Health care through personal training

Best health care

Strong back,

stable knees...

We use the body

the way he deserves it!

Lasting effects

Lasting, sustainable effects from personal trainer Janina Lemme

by a

individual strategy,

those in YOUR everyday life

is adapted

Fun training at ChangeLife Berlin in Prenzlauer Berg

Fun while training

Easy entry,


We, as a team, decide

what's good for you!

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Personal training in the studio or online coaching.

Overview of contents and costs

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Training and coaching takes place here

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Training, professional experiences and my personal suffering

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Success stories and personal opinions

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