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Opportunities to work with your female personal trainer

We support you on your journey to a new level of health and fitness!​

Your Personal Transformation in 4 Months with an Experienced Personal Trainer in Berlin!

At the private studio for personal training and holistic coaching

Our exclusive 4-month program is tailored for women, especially for executives facing high-pressure situations, seeking a return to sports. As experienced personal trainers, we are here to assist you in achieving tangible and measurable success in the realms of training, nutrition, and lifestyle.

Your goals after 4 months:

After our intensive program, you will confidently be self-sufficient. You will not only know how to effectively implement training, nutrition, and lifestyle but also experience noticeable changes. Your performance will increase, body measurements, and strength will improve positively.

It's the perfect beginning to sustainably healthy routines that will keep you fit and healthy in the long run.

Personal Trainerin im Studio

What can you expect in the next 4 months?

  • Free Anamnesis and Individual Roadmap in a 60-Minute Initial Consultation

  • 22 Sessions of 60-Minute Personal Training & Coaching

  • Includes Detailed Plans and Structures for Your Independent Implementation

  • Gradual Reduction in Guidance as You Train Confidently and Independently

  • Open Ear and Support for Questions – We accompany your entire process


The total package for this intensive 4-month journey costs €2970. You also have the option to conveniently pay in 4 installments of €742.50. The hourly rate of €135 includes not only personalized training but also customized workout plans, WhatsApp support, overviews, and videos – an all-inclusive package.

Optional Added Value:

For those seeking long-term support, we also offer traditional, ongoing personal training at the same hourly rate of €135.

Embark on your journey to a healthier, more confident you! Schedule your complimentary consultation today and let's plan the path to your goals together.

Nathalie R.; Original on

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I've been training with Janina for three months, and I'm absolutely delighted.

Janina tailors the training plan 100% to your individual needs and abilities - there's no one-size-fits-all approach with her, and you can tell that she not only has a passion for what she does but truly knows her stuff.

On the journey towards your goal, she's always available and provides helpful tips and suggestions. Her additional qualifications and skills in coaching and counseling complement her offerings - highly recommended.

Anja Trut.; Original on

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During our first meeting, Janina accurately identified the needs my body was expressing with its cravings for sweets and provided me with practical, easy-to-implement strategies.

I never thought the solution could be so straightforward!

I found the conversation atmosphere very pleasant.

Thank you, Janina, for the eye-opener!

Diana Welte, Original on

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Janina is simply fantastic!

I'm so happy to have found her. Exercise is a challenge for me, and she always manages to inspire me.

She caters to me and my needs every time.

Thank you :-)

Online Personal Trainerin

Your Personal Online Trainer: Individualized Guidance and Tailored Training Concepts

Welcome to your personal online training experience! As experienced personal trainers, we are here to support women in achieving sustainable weight loss, building strength, and maintaining a balanced health. Our focus is on individualized guidance, effective training concepts, and holistic coaching.

Who is this online coaching ideal for?

✓ Women looking to achieve sustainable weight loss 

✓ Women aiming to build strength and balance their health 

✓ Insecure individuals seeking the quickest and healthiest path to their goals 

✓ Women aspiring to become strong, fit, and shape their bodies 

✓ Ideally, those with some experience in the gym – for beginners, we offer additional online personal training sessions to provide optimal guidance.

Here's what you can expect specifically

  • 10-minute Free Introductory Consultation

  • "Roadmap-Call": Up to 90 minutes of video telephony for strategy development, including our best tips

  • Continuous Online Support: Adjustments to your gym plan every 6 training sessions, correction of your form through video submissions, and ongoing assistance in implementing the Roadmap strategy in your daily life

  • Open ear for your questions and, optionally: Online Personal Training session when needed


You can achieve so much more than you think when guided step by step!

Your goals:

Finally, independently implement methodically sound and structured workout plans in the gym. Experience strength gains, body shaping, positive effects on hormones, energy, posture, and overall health. Develop an individual 'Roadmap' for improving daily nutrition and establishing healthy routines.


  • Roadmap Consultation: €199

  • Ongoing Online Support: €99/month (cancel anytime)

  • Optionally bookable: Online Personal Training Session: €135/60-minute session

More than just a program - your dedicated personal trainer!

Build a personal relationship with 'your' trainer for maximum commitment and successful integration of healthy habits into your daily life.

For any questions, feel free to reach out directly (via message)
at: 0160 5 11 33 88

(SMS, WhatsApp, Telegram, or contact form).
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