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Expieriences with personal coaching:

fine white.; Original on

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It was by chance that I came across a recommendation for Janina, and it was a gift.

An acquaintance found me in a desolate state with back pain and said, 'Go there.'

What followed were 6 months of the most individualized care.

Very warm, very professional, and tailored to me. 

With great success.

I am pain-free, continue with my personal training program, and feel like new.

Thank you, Janina, and I will continue to tap into your immense knowledge. 🤍

Franziska H.; Original on

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I had my introductory conversation with Janina, and I must say I am impressed by her as a person and her approaches.

She made a super likable impression and tailored her approach to my wishes and goals.

Janina gave me many valuable tips that I am now trying to implement in my daily life.

I particularly appreciate her honest feedback.

In my case, our paths don't align, but I will recommend her with a clear conscience.

Carmen W., original on

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I completed the 10-week online coaching program on stress eating with Janina, and I can only report positive experiences.

From the very first online session, we found a great starting point for me together.

Janina is very likable, empathetic, and dedicated. Her methods and pleasant support helped me make significant progress in a short time (and not just in my eating habits)!

Thank you for your professional and caring support, dear Janina!!


I have been training and coaching with Janina regularly since last December.

With her positive attitude, she brought fun and muscle soreness back into my training, and she helped me strengthen my shoulder, which was weakened after surgery.

Here, she used her knowledge and a playful approach to rebuild my necessary confidence, so I finally trust and fully use my shoulder again.

Additionally, I had a few coaching sessions with her on the topic of stress eating, and I'm really glad I did.

I was able to break free from ingrained daily routines and can now more relaxedly listen to my body and its needs.

Therefore, I wholeheartedly recommend her!

Sarah J.; Original on Personal fitness

Alex shares her experiences with personal coaching:

Nathalie R.; Original on

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"I have been training with Janina for three months now, and I am absolutely thrilled.

Janina tailors the training plan 100% to one's own needs and abilities - there's no one-size-fits-all approach with her, and you can tell that she not only puts her heart into it but also truly knows what she's doing.

On the journey towards your goal, she is always available and provides helpful tips and suggestions. Her additional qualifications and skills in coaching and counseling complement her offering - an absolute recommendation."

Anja Trut.; Original on

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Janina accurately identified my body's needs and its cravings for sweets during our first meeting and provided me with practical, easy-to-implement strategies.

I never thought the solution could be so simple!

I found the conversation atmosphere to be very pleasant.

Thank you, Janina, for the eye-opener!

Diana Welte, original on

Google Maps

Janina is simply amazing!

I am so happy to have found her. Exercise is a challenge for me, and she always manages to inspire me.

She caters to me and my needs every time.

Thank you :-)

"I've known Janina for four months and would like to strongly recommend her. It's fun working with her, and it's very effective. She is exceptional. Instead of imparting rather general knowledge about fitness and healthy nutrition, she specifically addresses my individual habits and possibilities.

Being frequently on the move for work, I struggle to establish routines. Janina developed a highly effective, tailor-made health concept for me that is both theoretically sound and practically applicable.

Janina focuses on what I can achieve despite all the challenges. Through this resource-oriented, dynamic approach, a very respectful and holistic interaction with my body emerges.

As a former physiotherapist, I am also impressed by her theoretical and practical knowledge of the body, health, and pathologies.

She has often detected a small, quick compensatory movement, adjusted the task to fit my movement patterns, and thus offered a more meaningful exercise.

Such a finely tuned observational skill as hers is only developed through long practice and a joy in dealing with bodies. Her joy in working with bodies also transfers to me.

Sometimes it's euphoric joy, sometimes a deep satisfaction arises when 'the knot unties,' and a more pleasant body feeling sets in.

Thank you, Janina!

I can recommend Janina to anyone who likes to work with their body (and not against it)."

Josefine R.; Original on personal fitness

Mila K.; Original on 

personal fitness

"I was only able to develop an interest in sports in adulthood.


Without Janina, I definitely wouldn't have had enough self-motivation to pull it off.

I achieved great successes in a short time with the prospect of sustainability, and not just through training but also through diverse advice on nutrition and stress management.

The training is tailored to individual needs, and without this help, I wouldn't have known how to approach the whole thing properly.


Absolutely recommended!"

Nancy.; Original on 

Google Maps

"Janina has been an absolute stroke of luck for me as a coach.

I find her approach to be systemic; she is interested not only in athletic performance but also in psychological stresses and concerns, as well as nutrition.

She has many valuable and, above all, actionable tips at hand and varies the training based on the individual's performance level and specific desires.

I always feel well taken care of because Janina is a very positive and empathetic person, and she is there for you even 'after the training session,' from answering urgent everyday questions to leading a support group on the topic of emotional eating."

Angela K.; Original on

 personal fitness

"I came to Janina when I was at a loss.


I had been trying to get my eating habits under control for over ten years and had visited several doctors. Janina's positive energy immediately infected me.

She helped me adapt my nutrition to my daily life (and not the other way around) and develop good strategies.

The best part is not that I lost about 8 kg (within ~3 months), but that I finally got a structure in my eating behavior and don't have to obsessively think about it anymore.

And training with her is really fun too!


I can only recommend Janina ;)"

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