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About Us:

Your personal coaches

Daria, Lesley, and I (Janina) are your trainers.

I am very happy to have such competent and likeable women by my side!

We work with very similar focuses, learn a lot from each other, and complement each other perfectly!


About Janina

Emotional eating and battling my inner demons...

Emotional eating and battling my inner demons defined my past. Until the age of 25, my fitness and health levels had consistently hovered around zero for decades.

I had little interest in sports and health, and my intention to "study exercise and health" garnered more mockery than approval.


Diets were a familiar territory, but always unsuccessful. I kept asking myself, "Why can't I establish healthy habits?"

This question became the driving force behind my work. Despite knowing the importance of exercise and that I should choose an apple over chocolate, I couldn't change my habits.


Through numerous trainings and working with people, I delved deeper into the mental aspects of it all.

Today, I have overcome my own challenges and am very grateful for a positive body feeling, high performance, and joy in training.

Here are key points from my journey:

  • Referred to as the "Minus Body" due to weakness and lack of fitness

  • Knee and back pain due to inactivity

  • Countless diets without perseverance

  • Phases of emotional eating and mood swings

  • Ultimately, sustainable change towards a positive, healthy lifestyle

Today, I am grateful for this journey as it allows me to empathize even better with my clients who are currently at similar points.

  • Bachelor of Science in "Exercise and Health" from the University of Gießen

  • Fitness Trainer A-License (dflv)

  • Nutrition Coach A-License (Sportlerei Akademie)

  • PEP® Coach (Process and Embodiment-Focused Psychology) by Dr. Michael Bohne

  • Yager Code Coach by Dr. Preetz

  • "Assess, Correct, Perform" by Panos Pantas

  • "Medical Facial Fitness" by Andrea Neugebauer

  • Power Plate Instructor

  • "Functional Training Basics" by Patrick Meinart

  • Preparation Course for Psychological Therapy Practitioner (Heilpraktikerin für Psychotherapie) by Christoph Mahr

  • Hands-On and Soft Skills for Personal Trainers by Tim Bertko

  • PEP in the Triad by Johanna Wüthrich

  • Somatic Coaching by Lucas Forstmeyer

  • "Functional Training after Pregnancy, Beautiful Mothers" by Moni Homann

  • Currently in Training: YPSI A-License by Wolfgang Unsöld

Creating change became my passion...

Since 2013, I have been a trainer,

working full-time as a self-employed personal trainer and coach for stress eating since 2016.

Since 2019, I have been operating in my own micro gym.

If you'd like to benefit from my experience and passion for my profession, simply schedule a personal conversation with me.

We can discuss your situation and options at your convenience.

completely non-binding and free of charge


About Daria

Hello, I'm Daria,


As a personal trainer and coach, I bring a dynamic blend of expertise in sports science and physiotherapy.

After completing a six-year education and working as a physiotherapist, I decided to transition to the path of a personal trainer and coach. In my opinion, holistic well-being can be achieved through this approach.

I assist you in regaining comfort and health by providing insights into nutrition, stress management, and lifestyle factors. Additionally, I offer a strength training concept to help round out your transformation.


My coaching style enables you to find a positive attitude to develop that promotes long-term success without putting you in a negative spiral of false expectations.

I am concerned with emotional and mental aspects of health as well as basic physiological principles and focus on Self-care and education.

My experiences:

  • 2020-2023 Coach and PT at MTM Personal Training GmbH

  • 2017-2021 Physiotherapist in orthopedic practices

My licenses:

  • Basic seminar: Holistic laboratory - Lothar Ursinus (2022)

  • OS Coach (2022)

  • Manual therapy (2022)

  • KG device license (2019)

  • Trainer B-License in Sport and Rehabilitation (2018)

  • Approved by the state Physiotherapist - Charité Berlin (2017)

  • BA in Sports science Humboldt University Berlin (2014)


About Lesley

Hello, I'm Lesley,


In Personal Training & Coaching, my focus is 100% on you—whether it's in-person at the gym or online. Your goals, needs, and challenges take center stage. Based on that, I provide individual, professionally competent support.

As a certified personal trainer, nutrition consultant, and medical fitness trainer, I comprehensively assist you in achieving your aesthetic and health goals. In addition to training, nutrition and lifestyle also play a significant role.


To bring out the best in you, we also address topics like sleep, stress management, and mental health, as all of these contribute to a healthy body and mind. My approach allows you to achieve sustainable success and reap long-term benefits.


Both in your everyday life and in your job. You will even find joy in paying attention to a healthy lifestyle. And you will quickly realize that you are happier and more productive.

This is how it goes...

If you are curious whether and how we can support you with your goals, please contact us and we'll arrange an informal introductory conversation with no obligations!

We are pleased to meet you!

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